Vegetable Side Dishes

All our vegetable side dishes are cooked in 100% vegetable oil and sunflower oil with natural ingredients. Some of our vegetables are organic. Our vegetable side orders have been known to be so popular, they are often ordered as a main dish.

Vegetable Curry

Mix Vegetable Bhaji


Bombay Aloo

Tarka Dall

lentils with fried garlic.

Mushroom Bhaji

Brinjal Bhaji

Aubergine cooked with light spices.

Cauliflower Bhaji

Saag Bhaji


Bindi Bhaji


Chana Massala

chick peas.

Aloo Tikka Massala

mild and creamy.

Aaloo Gobi

potatoes & cauliflower.

Saag Aloo

spinach & potatoes.

Aloo Chann

chick peas and potatoes.

Aloo Brinjal

potatoes and aubergine.

Saag Paneer

spinach and cottage cheese.

Jeera Aloo

cumin seeds.

Begon Dhal

aubergine with lentils.

Mottor Paneer

Peas cooked with cottage cheese.


mixed dry seasonal vegetables.

Stilton Paneer

spinach with Stilton cheese.

Special Vegetable

with Stilton cheese.

Massala Vegetable

Many different fresh, organic vegetables.

Kodu Bhaji

Butternut squash cooked with light spices.