Signature Dishes

Note : Signature Dishes are only available for Dine In

Chicken Tawa

Boneless slices of chicken marinated with garlic, ginger, garam massala, coriander and a touch of chilli. Served in a sizzling tawa.

Stilton Chicken

Mild and creamy dish cooked with Stilton Cheese, in demand from customers, created by Angel Spice.

Fish Tikka Curry

Fillet of fish, prepared in bite-able chunks, slowly cooked together with cherry tomatoes, medium spiced.

Fish Exotica

Barbecued fish tikka cooked with very mild herbs and spices, served wrapped in foil, laced with flaming Sambucca.

Nawabi Murghstick

On the bone tandoori chicken leg or breast cooked together with minced lamb and a hard boiled egg, lots of herbs and spices but medium in strength.

Bombay Sizzler

On the bone chicken cooked and served on a red hot cast iron skillet, medium in spice with lots of flavor.

Massala Sizzler (chicken or lamb)

Rich in flavor and mild to medium in spice with an Angel Spice special sauce.

Chicken Rezela

Little less than Madras in heat, chicken tikka cooked with fried onions, green peppers and topped with Stilton cheese.

Tandoori King Prawn Garlic Chilli Massala

Angel Spice secret recipe, highly recommended by our Chef.

Lobster Jamdani (subject to availability and additional cooking time is required)

Slowly steamed together with light spices and vine tomatoes.

*Special Staff lamb (on the bone)

With Channa dhall, rich in flavor and highly spiced but not hot.

*Special Staff Chicken Curry (on the bone)

Rich in flavor but medium in spice.

*Special Bangladeshi fish Curry

Using lots of fresh light herbs and spices, fresh water Bangladeshi fish cooked together with baby potatoes, coriander, bayleaf and mustard seeds.