Chef’s Recommendations

Acherr Gost

Lamb cooked with pickles and spices, medium in strength.

Muglai Lamb

Lamb cooked with scrambled egg, medium strength.

Methi Gost

Lamb cooked with fenugreek, strong in flavor but medium in spice.

Jeera Chicken

Chicken flavored with cumin seeds, medium in strength.

Kerala Chicken

South Indian dish, spicy and hot with dry red chillies.


Your chosen delicacy cooked together with potatoes and lentil, garnished with fresh coriander.

Lamb Kodu

Lamb cooked with butternut squash, lightly spiced but highly flavored.

Bindi Gost

Lamb cooked with okra in a medium sauce.

Brinjal Gost

Lamb cooked with aubergines in a medium sauce.

Roshuni Gost Bahar

Lamb or Chicken. Chef’s highly recommended dish for garlic lovers, cooked with freshly chopped garlic and medium spices.

Sweet Chilli Chicken

Breast fillet cooked with roasted pepper/sweet chilli sauce.

Sylheti Mango Chicken

Cooked with mango, creating a mild sweet taste.

Bombay Chicken

Medium spice cooked with boiled egg and potatoes.

Lahorey Gost Massala

Lamb cooked with various massala spices. Medium in strength.

Passanda Chicken or lamb tikka

Mild, creamy combination of ground almond,pistachio and delicate mild herbs and spices. Slightly sweet.

Chef’s Special garlic

De-boned tandoori chicken, onion, garlic, rich in spice,medium in strength.

Murgi Massala

off the bone tandoori chicken ,minced lamb, onion,tomato, peppers and hard boiled egg in a rich, spicy but not hot sauce.

Butter Chicken

Cooked with mild sauce and butter.