Angel Spice Special Dishes

Bengal Naga Chilli Chicken

Flavored with specially imported naga chilli, aroma of which no other chilli could imitate, naga chilli is so hot that just a touch of it is used to achieve the required strength of little hotter than Madras.

Punjabi Chef’s Special Garlic Chilli

Off the bone tandoori chicken, onions, green chilli and garlic.

Angel House Special

A combination of chicken, lamb vegetable, secret recipes, mild to medium in spice.

Chicken Shimla

Boneless slice of chicken marinated with ginger and garam massala, barbecued in tandoor before cooking in fairly hot coconut sauce.

Chicken Palok

Cooked with potatoes, spinach and garlic

Chicken tikka Chatt Massala

Diced spiced grilled breast of chicken cooked with onions, pepper, special chatt massala, creating a slightly sharp and tangy flavor. Decorated with tomato and cucumber.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Garlic Chilli Sagwala

With fresh green chillies, spinach and fried garlic.

Tandoori King Prawn Garlic Chilli Sagwala

Marinated barbecued tiger prawns cooked with fresh spinach, fried garlic and green chillies.

Chef’s Special Biryani (Medium)

Grade one basmati rice, stir fried together with light herbs and spices and off the bone tandoori chicken, garnished with omelette and accompanied by vegetable curry.

Tandoori King Prawn Biryani

Served with vegetable curry.

Angel Spice Special Balti

Consists of Chicken/lamb tikka and vegetables.

King Prawn ke Salon (jumbo king prawn)

Butterfly sliced with its shell on and slowly cooked together with bay leaf and a touch of garlic.

Fish Tikka Delight

Fish cooked with cherry tomatoes, garlic, mustard seeds and fresh coriander.

Special lamb madras or Vindaloo